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Domino’s Pizza Plans Five More Outlets

To further expands its footprint across the Nigerian market, Eat ‘N’Go franchise owners of American brands; Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery, is making plans to open an additional five stores for Domino’s pizza this year. According to Jean-Claude Meyer, CEO of Eat’N’Go, five Domino’s Pizza stores have already been opened in Nigeria even as the group has two other stores currently under construction. “We are looking at opening five or six stores (for Domino’s Pizza) this year,” he said while relating how the organization made it in Africa.Meyer noted that having a first-mover advantage in Nigeria is a huge opportunity for the international food and beverage brands, but also comes with challenges such as introducing new tastes and products into the Nigerian culture.“As they say there is a first-mover’s advantage, it is however about educating the market. The fact that there is (almost) no competition is good, but it is also bad because we now have to do the work of educating people on how these (international brands offer) edible food and a suitable alternative for their meals,” he said, adding that one strategy they have adopted with Domino’s Pizza is to “Nigerianise” the product.


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